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The heretic brotherhood and leadership

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1 The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:54 am

Hey, I'm curious as to what you guys really want in the guild.

Are your characters willing to follow Ulquiorra as a leader (I had the idea of him turning into the Thulsa Doom type) or are they looking for more of a relaxed "brotherhood" of sorts, or perhaps a little bit of both?

Our characters would be pursueing plots to gain power in the lands and wage war with prominent religious figures in the hopes of abolishing religion or even taking it a step further and slaying a god. (it could lead to the fulfillment of the Manrok chronicles and a bunch of other interesting stuff over a long period of time)

My goal here is to make a shit stirring group that will reach epic proportions, whether we're considered evil or not really isn't much of my concern

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2 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Mon Mar 09, 2015 11:38 am

I liked Thulsa Doom in Conan. As for the lead-style I would appreciate discipline and authority over a brotherhood-styled guild.

We have an extraordinary aim, and no char can expect to reach it without some personal sacrifices in freedom, in case of RP it will make us faster better organized than others if we stick to discipline as one of our doctrines. Currently I see Dreads more as calculating/ scary leader than a caring father figure.

Juuma can be brotherly in privacy, but would wish the guild to represent power, assertiveness and unity in public.

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3 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:33 pm

I would agree with Juuma here. Letting a few members run rampant is going to be counterproductive in the long run. Each needs to know that there will be repercussions for making the leader look like an idiot.

I like the direction and I like that we are moving slowly. People are actually thinking Juuma is becoming a good citizen of the town. They are wary, but impressed that he hasn't tried to hurt or rob anyone. This needs to continue. Our reputation is important. At least, for now.

When we take action, it should be quiet and stealthy. Lilac acts out on her own, but not as a directive of the team. Though she never does any actual damage. She is a wild card and should be treated as such, which maybe can be used later. Punish her accordingly in public.

We are getting a good team together, we just need to get them all together and working together at the same time. We seem to be having issues logging in and being online at one time. This will come together in time, I hope. Smile

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4 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Thu Mar 12, 2015 8:29 pm


How bout we just Nut the fuck up and act like a Brotherhood. Not like a Father-Brotherhood. Why do we need to bow to Uq? How bout we all be our own leader and work for the better of the guild. Instead of "bob"'s puppets. I know that's how i plan on RPing.

Frankly its weak to rely on one person to lead. I mean IRL (and IG) i give mephy alot of his ideas. Raph isnt going to just be some mindless fool who needs to be givin a direction. He might be weak physically but if you guys are going to follow "Bob" mindlessly then he has more power than your characters.

I joined for 2 reasons 1. So i can RP with Mephy and 2. So I dont have someone lording over me. I was told this is a Brotherhood so I'm treating it as such. If it is wrong then expect Raphael to Vanish from the Guild.

Plus as much as Mephy enjoys all of this he has a real life too. Plus Im willing to bet that Bob will tire of having to lead a group of people all the time.

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5 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Fri Mar 13, 2015 1:26 am

Now I would like the guild either way the leadership turns, the fact that we have a guild is saying something. We all know that since the VBU there has been only one successful guild so far, that being the Bearers (ev fags that get whatever they want) very few players have made the effort to do this, so don't take it lightly. I want this to be as successful if not more so than the temple was on Gobaith.

Let me suggest an alternative.

The "Inner Circle" leads the entirety of the guild. This inner circle will consist of a minimum of three people and a maximum of five (if we ever get inflated with members) particularly people with different skill sets. Then you will the bulk of the guild, theres no real need for varying ranks besides separating the newbies. So there it goes a rank system. The Inner Circle, The Heretic, and the Initiate.

I like Lawlett's idea however I don't think it will work very well. Even the temple had a leader. The leaders give the guild direction, without that the guild quickly falls apart. But here I suggest multiple leaders because(!) it can be really irksome to "lord" over an entire guild, but putting that burden on three shoulders sure as hell makes it easier than just one.

We can gradually build up on the structure of the guild as we press on, I also agree with Quirkily in that we're still building our rp together.

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6 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Fri Mar 13, 2015 11:56 am

Am somewhere in between "Lording" and brotherhood.

I would want some form of punishment for doing things against/ harmful to the growth of the guild; but at the same time not to the extend that characters are forced to do stuff for the leaders. That would be ideal, and will allow characters to do stuff without having to wait for permission or choke back a reaction wondering what the head of the guild would think about it.

This goes for any kinda leading situation, even if its a single character or if its the inner circle.

I say it should also depend on the RP relations between the chars, because as far as Hurr is concerned he could be convinced to do stuff or might even rebel if forced by the wrong character even within the guild.

Soooo, brotherhood + discipline + form of leadership + freedom of will... Very Happy

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7 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Fri Mar 13, 2015 12:43 pm

It's really hard to specify anything like that, at the end our characters need to trust in each other.

They do not know each other very well yet. I'm shure they will figure a way out to work together since we all agree on our aim. It's good that each character got his own traits and affectation. It adds spice into the RP.

Juuma started as very progressive Alpha, until he found in Dreads a cognate mind and decided to accept him as brother. For him that means, he will back him up no matter how he disagrees with what he does (of course he would call him a fool, but you got your bros back no matter what). That's what brotherhood means to me. How would you describe it?

A Group needs visible lead figures. But that doesn't mean the others are just puppets on a string, nothing bothers a leader (my experience) more than Chars which only have a reason to log in if someone drags them through the RP. I always wished for loyal and independent members. The lead figures must not end up as entertainers.

All in all I also say, let's figure the relationships of the chars IG out. A balance between freedom and unity will find itself within the RP.

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8 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Fri Mar 13, 2015 5:33 pm

There are some good comments here, but some things to consider...
1: A guild needs a leader for people outside the guild to access and talk to. Someone they can seek out and find. Not an array of people, talk to anyone? This is confusing. This is one reason the Bearers are still alive.
2: Leaders, whether one or many, need to be consistent and have the guild's goals and interests in mind with every decision s/he makes at all times. I would say this has not always been the case for all characters in the guild up to this point. (Not trying to place blame or point fingers, it is just so.) This is one reason the Bearers are still going strong.
3: In terms of RP, we all must be true to our character, but we cannot switch character's RP on a whim. This just confuses everyone else in the group. We must all project a clear consistent picture of not only who each individual is, but also who the guild is. The is one reason the Bearers thrive.
4: We must each work to do our best to follow any decision that is made by any leader we have. Even if we do not agree with it personally (OOC) or as a character (IG).  This is yet another reason the Bearers still thrive, it is rare to see them argue in game.
5: OOC chatter is going to happen, but must be kept to a minimum and communication needs to happen in game. If you can't know it in game, then you can't know it. This is a critical proponent of the game itself. This is something the Bearers fail at. Please don't let us fail here too.

I feel very strongly about all of these.

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9 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Sat Mar 14, 2015 9:57 am

Replying to Quirks points with additions and changes.
1. Instead of a leader, how about a founder as the access point. As far as i know the guild is Dreadheart's Legacy and as such he should be considered as the founder. If there are other claims then that can be considered too, according to how the idea of guild was introduced IG.
I say founder because it would limit the power or monopoly of leadership. Am alright with having leaders, but am sensing this would be more acceptable to everyone.

2. We might want to write up a Codex for the future. including code of conduct for the Innercircle, heretics and initiates. What is to be expected of them, how to deal with -ve situations etc and stick to them.
Talk about it, Post a rough draft. make  changes as when new things come up

3. we need to create situations where Charcters sit and talk. get to know each other. we need more of that. we need to let others understand why we are in the guild. And since the guild is currently a secret and potentially an evil one, how much each character is prepared to let public know about oneself and the guild

4. once decided on an important thing all should follow it no matter the characters personal opnion on the subject. we have to create a thread for that too...and may be arrange meeting every 2 months or so to decide on such things and new developments. Each situation might require different characters to take point on the matter, if so in public everyone follows that person when that subject comes up. so a clear decision who deals with what has to be made.

5. i support this entirely... bring everything IG. as such i dont feel the interactions between the guild members is enough. if there is any subject that everyone isnt supposed to know then dont chat about it in IRC. it would lessen the feel about being left out too.
However, post things that everyone in guild should know about. and this would also act as a reference point as to what we have decided in the past.

BTW change all the post to private so that it can only be read by registered users. and new members has to be activated by inner circle. i think those settings are there, not sure...

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10 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Sat Mar 14, 2015 11:33 pm


I like hurrs post

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11 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:00 pm

I agree, Hurr found good ways to make my ideas happen. I can live with this. And another good idea to make this thread private!

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12 Re: The heretic brotherhood and leadership on Mon Mar 16, 2015 2:34 pm

I am for anything. aslong as it leads to fun

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